The Ultimate Christmas Cheeseboard

Are You Entertaining Over The Festive Season?

Creating a showstopping cheeseboard can be a great place to start, our experience has taught us that speciality cheeses can be a great talking point between your guests, we love to talk about the history of the cheese, how it’s made, how long it has been matured for and where it’s from – it all adds to the flavour when tasting.

Our Favourite Top Four Cheeses

When deciding which cheese to serve we tend to stick to the rule of four high quality cheeses as the centre of your board. It’s a good idea to offer your guests a variety of different styles, textures and flavours a great way to do this is to pick one cheese from each category. We have selected four of our favourites which always create a show stopping cheeseboard:

The Firm – Lincolnshire Poacher (Produced locally)

The Soft & Creamy – Tunworth Soft

The Blue – Long Clawson (Produced locally)

The Fresh – Rosary Goat

The Perfect Accompaniments

It is not unusual to opt for cheese alone, however the perfect accompaniments are a great opportunity to get creative and add interest to your cheeseboard.

Crackers are a must! Choose a sourdough crispy cracker to go with your soft cheese and for the harder cheese pick water biscuits or fruit toasts. We have an extensive range available in The Larder to suit any board.

Nuts are ideal for decorative purposes, pecans and cashews have a mild, creamy flavour, they go amazingly well with the saltiness of cheese, they also offer crunch.

Chutney. A cheeseboard essential comes in a variety of flavours and is amazing when generously spread on crackers with cheese. When entertaining impress your guests by making your own or choose to support a local supplier for an extra special touch. The flavour options are endless and it could also make for a great gift for fellow chutney lovers. For something extra special treat choose a festive cheese hamper. A gift that will never disappoint any cheese lover!

Creating the Wow Factor

When assembling your board, you will naturally have visible gaps, these can easily be filled with dried fruit, olives or even charcuterie should you be serving the board as more of a substantial nibble.

We also love to add a garnish of fresh herbs, it’s the perfect way to bring colour and life to the board. – The piney smell of rosemary adds just the right festive aroma.

Cheese is best served at room temperature, be sure to get everything out of the fridge at least one hour prior to serving.

We hope our festive cheeseboard ideas make their way to some of your family Christmas table’s this year, providing a wow moment for everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year x

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