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48 hours notice required prior to collection during our opening hours. 

If you have any special requests or enquiries please contact us at:

Brie de Meaux 3kg, cows milk, unpasteurised.The king of all bries, matured for 5 - 6 weeks.

Cornish Yarg 3kg cows milk, Pasteurised. A crumbly core, fresh flavour & covered in wild nettles.

Wensleydale &cranberry 2kg cows milk, pasteurised. creamy, crumbly, Yorkshire wensleydale with sweet cranberries

Long Clawson stilton 2kg  cows milk, pasteurised,vegetarian.Crumbly & creamy with a bold and expressive flavour.

Ossau Iraty 3kg, ewes milk, pasteurised. Delicious grassy & nutty flavours with a supple, creamy texture.

Waterloo 750g, cows milk, unpasteurised.Mild, semi-soft Guernsey milk cheese with a buttery, gentle flavour.

Lancashire blue 1kg, cows milk, pasteurised, vegetarian Buttery, salty and blue veined.

Fig & Almond Cake 125g - Cheese accompaniment with ground figs and whole almonds.

Coeur de neufchatel 200g, cows milk, unpasteurised. Soft texture and creamy taste.


Collection from the deli within opening hours (2 weeks notice required)


The Majestic Cheese Cake

  • Once placed orders cannot be refunded or amended. For any enquiries please contact us at

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