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Food Provenance

Knowing where food was grown, caught or raised

There have been many contributing factors over the last few years that has made us think about how our food gets onto our plates. Lockdown saw a huge surge in people changing their shopping habits, supporting the local shops and purchasing more traceable food. It was also clear that during the pandemic the local independent businesses had a strong supply chain whilst the supermarkets struggled to keep their shelves full. Brexit is another factor that is causing major problems within the supply chain. When we hear about all of these issues it strikes debate and we start to think about the provenance of food rather than taking it for granted.

Why Buy Local?

We believe it has huge benefits to our health and the environment. Locally sourcing produce means we are working directly with the farmers cutting out the middle men and keeping food miles low. Supporting local producers means we are investing back into our community, this all contributes to a sustainable future. Seasonal locally grown food is bursting with flavour and is a delight to eat. When you eat seasonally you can vary your diet from month to month which is exciting for any keen cook. Keeping food miles low helps the freshness of our food. Much imported fruit and vegetables are picked before they are fully ripe to maintain freshness and then are artificially ripened. This can result in fewer nutrients compared with naturally ripened fruit and veg. Shopping locally helps people connect with the food they eat, consumers get to learn about the food and where it comes from.

UK Producers

The UK offers some of the finest food in the world. Independents across the country are showcasing the best produce Britain has to offer and what’s more its available from a wide variety of outlets whether that is your local shops, direct from the suppliers or even in some of the supermarkets identified by Red Tractor farm assurance.

Here at The Deli

Food provenance and sustainability are at the very core of what we do. Our values are to source ethically produced ingredients from UK farmers who are proud to produce to the highest food quality, environmental and welfare standards in the world. We work with many likeminded local producers and we rear our own meat on the family farm. Our highly skilled chefs value using our own farm produce wherever possible and pride themselves on showcasing the best of British food ensuring delicious, traceable and sustainable dining. Our Menus are ever changing, working with the seasons and their offerings. We are proud to be working towards a more sustainable future.


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