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Introducing Mayni Coffee to The Old Theatre Deli

A sustainable future for Coffee Lovers!

Knowing your morning fix isn't leaving a destructive foot print.

We choose our suppliers with great care and attention to ensure we share the same values as we strive for a sustainable future in our industry, whilst caring for the environment and life with in it. We are proud to be working alongside Easy Jose, serving Mayni Coffee in The Deli, who are leading the way in the industry. You can find our Deli menus here. You can also purchase your own coffee beans to brew at home from The Larder.

Their mission simply to create a sustainable future for indigenous communities, our rainforest and our industry.

The Amazon is deteriorating, the coffee industry is contributing to this destruction. Growing levels of demand coupled with the ever increasing need for profitability has led to mass deforestation. This demolition is impacting our world. It’s time to change.

Many logos, buzzwords and clever marketing has made the average consumer believe they are supporting good projects - yet with no visible results.

This is where Mayni coffee is different working directly with local Indigenous communities the coffee beans are grown beneath the forest canopy without the need for slash & burn, clearance or destruction commonly associated with traditional coffee farms. The Mayni harness their natural landscape while protecting the natural eco-system, foliage and wildlife, expertly handpicking their beautiful crop to minimise any damage.

Easy Jose are heavily investing into communities, providing the necessary funds to wholly benefit the village infrastructure and protecting their way of life. Detailing a fully transparent sourcing strategy, showing full knowledge of sourcing, processing and production. Connecting the consumer to the producer.

We can say with confidence your morning cup of coffee is not having a devastating impact on our planet.



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