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The Old Theatre Deli's Sustainability Pledge

Here at The Old Theatre Deli we are striving for a sustainable future in our industry.

Sustainably is a global concern and we are responsible.

For us it starts with our produce and seasonality.

We are proud to rear and grow our own produce, keeping our food miles low.

Complementing our produce, we work closely with likeminded farmers and producers, sourcing the highest quality food offered locally within the seasons. Sourcing locally and working directly with the farmers means cutting out the middleman and keeping food miles low. Keeping the miles low ensures the freshness of our food. Whilst supporting our local producers we are investing back into our community. Our suppliers we work alongside share our values and commitment to the cause, all of which contributes to a sustainable future.

Our menus work in harmony with the season & its offerings.

Seasonal locally grown food is bursting with flavour and is a delight to eat. We are excited to showcase some of the finest food within Nottinghamshire. Seasonality is an important factor in being sustainable.

Sustainable Packaging

We recognise that it is our responsibility as a business to eliminate harmful polluters and single use plastics from our environment. We print our menus and brochures on recyclable paper and all our takeaway packaging is compostable.

Our packaging is made from plants using renewable, lower carbon and recycled materials. It offers the following elements:

Biodegradation – materials turn to soil through microbial action at the same rate as paper.

Disintegration – the materials fall into small pieces.

Eco-Toxicity – seeds can germinate in the resulting compost – it is useful for plant growth.

In addition to these products, we encourage customers to bring reusable containers for takeaway salads and cups for coffee and bags for shopping. As a business we believe in zero food waste policy and strive towards these targets. We recycle our glass and cardboard and compost our coffee grinds.

We are consciously making positive changes towards a future of sustainability.


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